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  • I use C1 with a Fuji camera (XE1 in my case) and the 18–55 lens and I don’t see the kind of ‘bloated’ detail you’re showing in these 100% crops. It looks like you have the sharpening radius set way too high, and the Detail slider too low.

    Here’s a tremendously boring but full resolution image showing the kind of detail I get from C1:
    http://andyf.me/tmp/FXE11260.jpg – 18–55 lens at 23mm, f/8, ISO 200.

    The settings I used for that are:

    Amount: 160
    Radius: 0.5
    Threshold: 0

    (Noise Reduction)
    Luminance: 0
    Details: 100
    Color: 5

    The key here I think is the combination of small sharpening radius and the high Details settings – X-Trans images seem to work really well with the latter set very high.

    Hope this is useful!

    January 02, 2016
    • Hello Andy,

      Thanks for the tip, you are totally correct, I had the details sliders down. In Vr of C1 prior to 8, the Details slider worked differently. It has a huge effect on the Fuji files, and I will eventually update my article.

      Paul Caldwell

      March 25, 2016

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